Displaying Columns in the Kanban View


Is there any way to select which columns will be displayed in the Kanban view when the card is opened? I have a table with several columns, but in my Kanban view, I only want to display some essential items for this specific view.

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At this time, this is not configurable. What opens up when you view a Kanban card is the same dialog as “Expand the row” button (number 4 in the image).

Ability to Configure the Row’s Form Dialog is a high priority item for us.
We’ll be beginning work on it in the short term ( ETA - months).
This would include the ability to

  1. Configure columns ( fields ) that are to be displayed
  2. Order of the fields
  3. Layout of the Dialog - 1 colums , 2 columns etc
  4. Also ability to specify ‘must have value - not null’ etc.
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When will this useful feature be implemented? urgent need