Filter on Views

I tried to search to see if this was already asked. Is it possible to create a view filter that is based on a cell value? For instance, I have a cell for customer. The user selects a customer and then list of data is filtered by the select customer.

Hello @Glenn_Gomba - I think this is a solid use-case. You can indeed create such a View - but we do not currently support spontaneous re-application of the Filter criteria ( an always-active filter) . Nor do we have a button/ keyboard-shortcut to refresh the Filters. Both of which are mini-features that we may end up implementing. No ETA yet though. So the Sheet has to be reloaded.

To create such a View,

  1. Create a Dropdown cell with Customer Names in the Table Header region.
  2. Create a Formula Expression column which evaluate to TRUE if the row’s Customer column matches the selected value in the Dropdown cell.
  3. Use the ‘Column Is true’ filter condition in the Filter.