Filter by "Is Me" user field

It would be nice to have a filter option on a “user” type column called “Is Me”. So, you could setup a filter that selects all records where the given column has my user name in it. That way, I am only seeing the records that I should have access to.

We already have a “current user” filter value option.

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Awesome. I will check that out. Thank you.

Well, close to what I wanted. Consider use case where we have projects and resources in separate sheets or tables. In projects, I want a column called “Resource” and I want to be able to filter on the Resource so that users only see their own projects. I don’t want to simply use the “user” field in projects because I want to attach other information to the resource such as cost rate and billing rate. I tried to use the “user” field type as the key but I see you can’t make that data type a primary key. I can create another column in the resource table called “Name” and use that as the key but then I can’t filter projects where the user only sees his rows. Perhaps I am missing another way of doing this?