Filter a Table based on a Related Row Value

Filtering a table based on a column value for a Related Row:

  1. There needs to be an “equal to” option instead of just “contains”
  2. You need to be able to select or search for the value (values) you want to filter on rather than typing it it manually.
  3. For even better functionality, allow a cell reference to be included as the filter value via =C9 so whatever value is in cell C9 is used as the filter value. The “=” character would be how you know that what follows is a cell reference.



Yes we plan to enrich this experience - Related item chooser, search by PK name etc. We’ll get back with more details.

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Completely agree. I’m testing the apps capabilities with colleagues and they all pointed out that related row filter is a must!

So, +1 vote for this feature!

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This one is on our short-term roadmap (i.e. within the next few months).