Conditional formatting - past date coloring

Is there a way to use conditional formatting to make a cell colored once the date in it has passed?
I know how to use the conditional formatting in Excel to do it, but am still trying to wrap my head around the conditional formatting here, and haven’t figured out if that’s even possible.

Hello there @Abigail_Vance

Something like this?..

Please see detailed documentation here


Yes, that’s it!! I don’t understand how to get to that point, though.
… ok, now that I’ve poked around a bit, I think I get it. I’m not used to putting column headings in the very top, but in the first row. Guess I’ll have to get used to that, as it seems like that’s the trick.

1 Like recognizes an optional ‘Table Header Row’ - visually denoted by a database icon at the far left of the row.

‘Table Header Row’ defines the names of the columns, and the region below it is treated as a database table - with strictly or loosely typed columns. The region above it is still a fluid spreadsheet region.

See for how it works.

Once the Header row has been set, Columns will inherit names from the row’s cells. And Filters/Sorts etc will start recognizing those names ( for eg: Start Date as opposed to B)

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I see… I think. Thanks!
However, upon further pokings around it seems to not have solved my problem. I think I formatted the condition correctly, based upon your example, but it’s not doing anything.

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It is possible that

  1. The Date ( D - Payout 1 Date) is not strict, and

  2. Some of the cell values are actually text values.

You can see and change the type of a cell & set the type for a range from the datatype tool in the toolbar. A date type will have a calendar icon.


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