Table Styles: Gridlines and Alternating Colors

When I’m working with spreadsheets, I almost always turn off the gridlines. The exception to that is when I’m working with a table.

I was wondering if there could eventually be a way to style just the Table portion of the spreadsheet. What I’m thinking is basically like the Table styles in Excel (though not as complicated) or the Alternating Rows feature in Google Sheets.

What Google Sheets doesn’t have currently is a way to style or turn on/off the borders within a table region.

If the Alternating Rows feature in Google Sheets also included an option for choosing the color of both horizontal borders and vertical borders, that could provide some excellent flexibility for table styles. Even though Excel has more complicated options like customizing the first and last columns, I hardly ever use those options because it’s easier to just do that manually. It’s mostly just the alternating rows and the borders that are most useful as table style options.

One important behavior of this feature is that the table styles need to be overwritten by both manual formatting changes as well as conditional formatting. You don’t want choosing different table styles to mess with your custom design.

A feature like this is probably something for way down the road (GS didn’t have table styles until recently), but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Jon, +1. Others have asked for this as well. Plus this is kinda standard in Saas list views as well. We have not thought of a roll out date yet.