Additional functionality for Calendar View

I’ve been playing around with the Calendar View in the context of trying to manage appointments and there is some functionality I can’t figure out how to make work. Basically, for every appointment there is a link to Provider worksheet. This way I can also manage other information about the provider: name, phone #, etc. I would also like to have each appointment be color coded based on the provider. Like so:

The way I achieved the above is by using the Color selector. This allows me to associate a name with a color Dr B for instance is Blue. So this is operating like a select list with a color attached. What I want though is to associate the color with the primary column in a different worksheet. I tried using conditional formatting, but for some reason the specified formatting was used by the Calendar View. Here is an example of the spreadsheet view with Conditional Formatting and the color selector.

Not sure I fully understood what you are trying to do. But will take a crack at it nevertheless.
What I understood is that

  • You want to colour code appointments in Calendar view such that appointments where Dr A is the provider are in Blue, Dr B’s are in green and so on.

If so, Condition Formatting dedicated to Calendar view is in the immediate pipeline. So you could write formatting rules fully dedicated to the Cal view, in the Cal view. It should be available in production in a few weeks.

Something like this :

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I should have noted that in the case I’m interested in, that the column provider has the Data Type of Related Row. If I understand what you are saying in the future the same conditional formatting that I created for the Sheet view could also be applied to the Calendar view and it would serve to color the different time blocks, like so

This would indeed solve my problem. It would also be nice if you could allow the user to apply that formatting in both contexts rather than having to setup twice. Maybe a check box that asks “use conditional formatting from sheet view” or something similar.