Conditional Formatting Partial Rows

Hi All,

I’ve got 2 similar questions.

  1. is there an easier way to run the same formatting rule for different columns without just repeating the rule. For example i want a simple “If cell is non-empty colour green” and i want the same thing to apply in about 15 different columns.

  1. I want to have a partial portion of a row highlight a colour when one cell is non-empty. At the minute i only have the option to fill entire row which is not what im after.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Jason_Evans,

Unfortunately there is currently no way to apply a rule to more than 1 column. You would need to replicate the rule for each column you want to apply it to.

Understood, right now there is only column-level formatting available or entire row-level formatting. We do plan to add more fine-grained support for conditional formatting in the future. We will update this thread when there is more to share on this topic.

Thats great Matt. Thanks.