Conditional Formatting - Reference a Column/Cell for the Where Condition

The next step that will make conditional formatting even more powerful will be to allow a cell reference ($D$4) and/or a column reference for the conditional value instead of hard-coding a value (such as the β€œ8” in the example):

One application I would use this for in particular is a resource loading worksheet that highlights values in many columns based on the load being greater than the value in column D. Or, for a little less flexibility, highlighting based on the value in a cell in the header like $D$4. This would allow the user to adjust the value in a single cell rather than having to update 40+ individual conditional formatting rules (because I’ll have a lot of columns that use the same CF rule).

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We are planning more iterations. That includes supporting more traditional Conditional Formatting mechanisms found in spreadsheets.
eg: {Cell’s or each cell in a range’s } value satisfies a formula

Your suggestion is a good one as well. We will keep it in mind when we revisit this for the next iteration.