Cannot find worksheet

I was working on a worksheet and now it is gone. It still lists it as being there. Help!

Hi Paula, Are you referring to a worksheet within a workbook? If so you can use version history to recover it within the workbook.

If you are referring to a workbook, if you did not delete it, it should appear in your Home page (the place you land when you login directly to

If this does not help we’d be happy to connect over a brief Zoom call to help out.


Hi Matt! I have tried everything. I do not have a camera on my computer, but would sure like to talk to someone. I am so frustrated. The file name still shows up but when I open it, it only brings up the template that I picked for this project. I went into history and it only takes me to yesterday. Help!!!


My concern is if I put hours into a new spreadsheet and I lose that too!:smiling_face_with_tear:

Totally understand and we’ll investigate this with you. I just emailed you directly to move this forward and will follow up here with a summary of our findings for the benefit of others.

Following up here to close this thread, the workbook was deleted and we recovered it for @paula_rayer.

In order to make the process of restoring deleted workbooks easier and entirely in user’s hands, we are prioritizing our upcoming Trash feature.