I keep getting "Worksheet out of sync", so I can't add any rows to my Worksheet anymore

For the last 3 days or so, every time I try to add a row of data to 1 particular Worksheet, I get the message “Worksheet out of sync” and I can’t make any changes (like adding a row of data, or changing my filter or sort parameters). It doesn’t happen on any of the other Worksheets within that Workbook. The difference I think likely has to do with that fact that the Worksheet I’m having problems with has “related rows” of data from the other 4 Worksheets within my Workbook. It worked fine up until Monday or so. Any ideas?

Welcome @Corey_Ackerman ! Sorry to hear you are running into this.

Do you mind connecting with us directly via email at support@spreadsheet.com? We’ll take a look asap.

Thank you Matt for getting back to me so quickly. I just saw Thomas’ email from your company with the solution to the problem so quickly. It fixed the problem! Thanks so much.

As I emailed Thomas, I’m really happy with Spreadsheet.com. I’m a big fan of AirTable and Google Sheets, and Spreadsheet.com is a great mashup of their feature sets. I look forward to the continued evolution of the product.

  • Corey

Great to hear this @Corey_Ackerman and thank you @thomas!