Form Submissions not recorded in sheet

Hello. I am a premium user and I have made a form. I am able to fill all the forms but when I check the sheet there are no records. Few days back it was alright but now this started to happen. Its a new sheet so there is absolutely no chance of reaching storage Limit

@Yoosuf_Abdul_Latheef - Does the View that you are using have a Filter rule that hides the new row?

I have the same issue. 100% no filter rule

Hi @Ahmed_youssef_Mohame,

Can you scroll to the bottom of your worksheet and make sure the row does not appear there? From our console it appears in one of your worksheets the form submissions start at row 99. This is because the rows above it are considered initialized (at some point they must have had data in them).

Also you created a new form today, but from our logs it looks like the only form submission that happened from your account today was for a different form rather than the one you created today.

Feel free to contact us at if we are still not able to address your issue here.

I have had huge issues from our staffs due to this. Just now I saw this. Really great to see it still works. How do I utilize the 99 rows or remove the “Initialized” status?