When share a form, is there a way to add an attachments?

When share a form, is there a way to attach a document to recipient can read?

Our TextBlock does not allow adding a hyperlink. Once we enable that, you would host the file in some cloud storage - such as a spreadsheet.com attachment or Google Drive - and add a link to it in the Text Block.

Tracking this as enhancement #005621

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I sent a form to my personal email to fill it out and attach a file, and I just discovered that I am not able to attach files from OneDrive, Only from Google Drive, why?

Hi @Alejandro_Cruz we aren’t aware of any issues with OneDrive integration. Do you mind sharing steps you took to run into a problem or a screenshot of an error message? Feel free to also contact us privately at support@spreadsheet.com and we’ll take a look asap.