Can I make a copy of a form and share it with another person so they can be the owner?

We created a form under one team member log in and would like to share a copy of the form with another team member so that they are the owner of that form. Is there a way to do this?

Hi Siobhan,

Thank you for reaching out and I would be happy to help with this. My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here at

I’m including a short Loom recording below and also some of our help documentation about the features used to accomplish this. This is a workaround as the best practice would be to make sure all team members are building Workbooks in the same team Workspace.

Help Documentation

  • Loom Video (here)
  • Public Sharing and Embeds (here)
  • Collaboration and Sharing Overview (here)

Please let us know if you have any further questions and I hope you have a great rest of your Thursday!

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

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Hi Thomas,
Thank you so much for your help.
We are all working in the same workspace but we are running into difficulties with enabling other users to be owners on a workbook that I might create. Can workbooks only have one owner?

Hi Siobhan,

Thank you for the clarification on that part.

Workbooks can have multiple owners but the best practice on this would be to have 1 owner with multiple “Managers” or lower permission levels. This is because an Owner has full control of a workbook which includes the ability to “Move/Delete”.

If you share a “Manager” permission level with the user to the Workbook this would still allow that user the ability to create views, edit existing views, and share access.

Let me know if there are any issues with this process and I’d be happy to help further.


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Hi Thomas,
We have been granted a Education plan and permission to use our domain as if it were a .edu account. However when we try to share permissions with other users in our domain we get the error message below.
Only .edu email addresses allowed as Licensed Users
Only .edu email addresses can be added as Licensed Users in the Education plan

Is there a way for you to grant permissions to our group as if we were a .edu, we would like to have multiple owners of a workbook so that we can contribute and make changes if we are working at different times and places.

Thank you for your time in this matter,

Hi @Siobhan_Pawelczyk,

Our Education plan was designed under the assumption that workspaces would only have users with .edu email addresses, however, we understand your situation and will discuss internally how to address this. It will take some time to address this requirement. Meanwhile you can reach out to us directly at and we will aim to find you an interim solution.