Use colors from related row

I converted a select column to a related row so that I could use related row reference in other columns, based on the chosen value from the related table. That works.

But, I want colors for each items. Other products pick up the coloring from the related items. Apparently, not Coda, for example does this.

Is there any way to achieve this?

I am doing this for a client who will need a paid account, but not if the things that are needed don’t work.

Hi @Lewis_Levin, We don’t yet allow coloring for related row items. However, if you create a Select column in the related worksheet representing color you can use a Related Row Lookup to have a column automatically display the color when a related row is selected. This would achieve the effect you are looking for.


Would the user select a value in the related row column or in the select column?

If the latter it appears that the values of the select column are set by the related row column.

If both need to be visible then it’s much too confusing for users.

Related Row Lookup value automatically gets populated based on the value selected in a Related Row cell so users would only need to pick a Related Row value (assuming each related row has an assigned color already)