URL view option

Is it possible to insert an URL link, for e.g. Google map, to see in a specific cell the interactive map or something like that?
Thank you

Hi There,

You are able to insert links into our cells but this will not display a preview of what the link is. For more information on this Data Type please check out the link I’ve provided (here) which walks through more details on the “URL Data Type”.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

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Hi @thomas,
Thank you for your replay. Do you think this option will be development in the future?
Again thank you.

@fn_a - Maps widget is one of the things that is certainly in our roadmap. It may not be inside a cell, but may be a separate widget where the map is visualized as a cell or row is selected.

Separately, a link preview upon hovering over a URL is also in the roadmap.


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