Trouble with SumIF

I’m trying to create the following SUMIF formula


I have this formula working in a Google Sheet but are the reference conventions different for Spreadsheet?


Also, shouldn’t this work:


=(SUMIF((C12:C200),(“Fees”),(H12:H200)) => This has a syntax issue. Parenthesis do not balance.

Please try:

Yes, this should work as well.
Minor correction in formula expression, please try:

@daniel We plan to add error messages to formula cells, similar to traditional spreadsheets, so you will be notified of syntax-related issues like unbalanced parentheses.

Hi Siraj - I’ve tried all of the formulas you’ve suggested here and I’m still getting an error message.

It looks like the issue here is actually the quote characters. Were these copied from somewhere else? This can happen even in Google Sheets when formulas (or parts of formulas) are pasted from somewhere else. For example, if you type =SUMIF(C:C,”FEES”,H:H) into a Google Doc and copy-paste it into a Google Sheets cell you will get an #ERROR! because the quote characters are curly quotes rather than ascii quotes).

A quick fix for this should be to just delete and replace the quotes in your cell. Hope this helps.

Bingo. That did it. Thank you! I’ve been keeping a Google Sheet open in another window to test my formulas to make sure I had the correct syntax.

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