Formula to Sum Columns via Column Formula data type

I’m trying to create a Column Formula data type that sums values across columns. I’ve tried entering SUM(C:G) as the formula, but that results in a formula #ERROR.

SUM(C,D,E,F,G) works, but that isn’t good design. I want to be able to insert columns and have the total still be correct.

Am I just using the wrong syntax?

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Yes Jon, SUM(C:G) to refer fields range C to G on a row, is NOT supported yet. Will make note of this pattern and consider it for our backlog.

Regarding the alternative, SUM(C,D,E,F,G). Yes, unlike ranges it will not expand to include any new columns inserted between columns C & G. However, we ensure that it still works on the same set of columns i.e. lets say you are inserting a newly column at F, now formula will evaluate as SUM(C,D,E,G,H).

On re-launching Date-type Edit dialog, you will notice that formula expression also now reads: SUM(C,D,E,G,H). Newly inserted column does not affect this column formula definition and it still evaluates the same.

That’s good that inserting rows won’t mess up references. Let me know when you enable the C:G syntax and I’ll update my file(s). I think this would be a common need. Of course another alternative is to use a regular formula and not use a Column Formula data type. Thanks!

Was about to report this as a bug, but found this old topic about it. I assume this is still not possible? It’s mentioned in the examples and at the end of the description (see below), but all I get are #ERRORs in all my tests.

Screenshot of the explanation for the column formula data type, featuring a likely-erroneous example that uses array syntax

This is not supported yet and is wrongly documented. I have logged defect 4031 to fix the documentation until we have support for this.

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