Sync a worksheet with a bank account

Having the possibility to synchronise the data from a bank account to a spreadsheet would be an amazing feature, that would permit to manage cash flow easily in
This could be made by integrating an intermediate service like budget insight (ther might be plenty of others)

Hi Francois,

Thank you for reaching out! This is not something that we support today but I will share this feedback with the team to track this as a feature request.

Will circle back on this thread once we have more information to share around what feature we would need to support this and any expected timelines we can give. Let us know if you have further questions that we can help with and thank you again for reaching out.

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Hello Francois,

Zapier integration was prioritized for such cases while we built native integrations over time, allowing users to connect with a plethora of apps supported by Zapier.

I haven’t tried this out but this should work in theory. Powens by Budget Insight has an API which can be used from within Zapier using Webhooks by Zapier. Assuming familiarity with Zapier, you would create a zap as

  • trigger: any of SSDC’s triggers as per your usecase
  • action step: Webhooks by Zapier which invokes the BI API with relevant details
  • another action step: SSDC’s update row action that can consume data retrieved by the previous action

Of the top of my head, for example, a row in my budgeting worksheet representing a month will have a select cell that I can change from ‘Budgeted’ to ‘Actual’ when the month ends. This can then trigger the zap which can fetch actual balances from various accounts and update the row.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

I actually don’t think that we could have an account on Powens by Budget Insight as an end user. Their solution seems to target service providers like you, that can then provide bank syncing to its clients.

Yet, I just came accross Nordigen website. It could be a solution, I’ll try it. I’ll update this thread when I have tested it

Thank you

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It seems to work ! :slight_smile: I’ve used their Google sheet example to check how it works, and could connect my bank account and fetch transactions. I will then use their python library to fetch data in a cronjob and push it to via your api !

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Glad you found a way. :+1:

Thanks !

(I’ve just tested nordigen python library, it also worked directly. I can easily fetch transactions)