Import & Merge Data

Would be nice to be able to import CSV files and then to be able to merge data based on column headers and if they match a column header.


Thanks, and agree. This has come up several times as we’ve onboarded early users: there is a clear need for importing data into an existing worksheet. It’s something we do plan to support in the UI eventually, likely sooner via automations and API.


There is also another service I use called, that might be useful?
not sure if there would be a way to integrate their service - like zapier, or integromat
just some other :bulb:

Coupler looks interesting, thanks for the referral. We aspire to integrate with a broad range of services like this as evolves. In terms of roadmap and timing, our workflow automations and integrations framework is under active development now. You’ll see email updates from us as this gets closer to launching.

To start, we’re planning to have out of the box integrations with Zapier, Slack, and MS Teams. We’re planning to expand from there to other services. Looking forward to your feedback on this once we roll out v1.

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Benjamin, What benefits do you get from Coupler that you do not get in Zapier. On the surface of it, Coupler looks like a Anything <–> GSheets solution. Whereas, Zapier is a Anything <–> Anything solution.

Is it better UI/UX or something else?

yeah, i’d have to say the biggest advantage is the UX. being a addon right in google sheets. :star_struck:

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