Related Rows Autofill?

Hi, I set up a related rolls and linked the full column to the correct column on another spreadsheet. I can link them by filling out each link manually. Is there a way to get the column to auto fill or do I have to link each cell manually? Thank you

If relationship between rows is basic in nature, such that row-1 in one sheet maps to row-1 in the relationship target sheet. You can consider, copy pasting entire primary column from one sheet onto another and then converting this pasted column to related-row data-type.

However, for crisscross relationships each row will need to be linked semantically one at a time.

Request you to also refer following documentation links:

  1. Converting-the-Data-Type-of-Existing-Data

  2. | Using Related Rows to Link Two Spreadsheets - YouTube

Is there anyway to upload a cvs with the new information into a spreadsheet and map it to upload the new information or update old information? Thanks

Welcome @Kimberly_Hargis! As mentioned by @Santosh in this thread, we do have this on our roadmap and will update this thread when we have more to share: