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Hi guys, I’m Sabino from Italy :smiley:, and I’m testing the “Inventory magagement” templete, so that I become more familiar with the functions of
I’m adding a new row in “Sales” sheet, when I need to add the product saled, I can only select products from a list of “Product SKUs” (primary column in Product sheet), which are certainly not intuitive for identifying the product I’m interested in adding to the sale.

Alternatively, the program allows me to click on “Link a row”, which gives me access to a window in which more details of the products are listed, complete with a thumbnail…I thought Fantastic! :rocket:

To my surprise, I discovered that despite being prompted for search text, only product SKUs are searchable :flushed: :flushed:

If I need to manage seriously a warehouse with thousand of items, catalogued with Descriptions, venders, categories, ect, how I can searh indeeph them, if I can search only a product SKU?

Am I doing something wrong due to my inexperience with this program?..or as I believe there is a way to do a search like that of excel “find in the sheet” or filtering by columns, etc. …

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Sabino_Dicorato,

The Product column (column C in your screenshot) is what we call a Related Row column. It points to rows in the Products worksheet. You can create different Related Row columns for relating rows to vendors, categories, and any other data managed in different sheets or even different workbooks.

More about Related Rows here:

Hi Matt, thank you for your reply.

I understood how is working a related row column, because I I had already read the link you posted me.

In my use case, as in your template, I have a single page containing all the characteristics of my 60,000 products, as shown below. The code column will be the primary column in because is unique.

When I will have to add a new row in sales sheet, according to the current program functions, the search field is limited only to the source worksheet primary key, in this case the unique product code, or at most thanks to the link a row function,

I can open a popup that shows me other product data, but it still only allows me to filter by product code.

this on 60.000 items is impossible, than the only one solution is open the source worksheet, found the item I want using the filter function, copy the primary key and past it in the target worksheet.

a real pity, since, in the target worksheet, there is already a perfectly functional pop-up, in which it would be enough to enhance the search functions.

What did Matt think of my feature suggestion?

Or can you suggest me another way to achieve the same goal?

Thank you.

Hi @Sabino_Dicorato,

Instead you can change the primary column from one column to another column(your required searchable column) using column context menu->“Set as primary key” option.So you can search by text based on your new primary column.

Thank you for your suggestion Sumanth, :clap: :clap:it is good option to reach the possibility search in the description, defining the descriprion column as a primary key, even if as suggested in the guide, I prefer mantain the primary key, setted on colum contain unique values as autonumber.

@matt, I’m curious to discover, what do you think about my suggestion to enhance the search functions?

@Sabino_Dicorato - I agree with you.
It would be much more powerful to do a field wise search… something like…

Name:“Walker” Occupation:“Texas Ranger”

Seriously Murali?? I understood well?

Would you implement a function like the one you described?

Have you considered creating a Column Formula which concatenates your Unique ID with the Name of the Product (or another field that would help identify the product). Then set that new column as your Primary column and then you will see more information on the related row function.
You would still be maintaining your Unique ID as the primary column (just with a little extra data in it).
This was the approach I took when up against the same scenario.
Kind regards

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