Related Row Rollup not updating


I have a workbook that consists of two sheets, sheet one being a list of shots in a film and sheet 2 being tasks that are assigned to each shot. In sheet 2 I have a checkbox column to mark tasks as completed. In sheet one I have a column that shows a rollup of tasks that have NOT been completed in sheet 2. However, when I add a new task, this active task is not being counted in the rollup in sheet one, at least not until I mark it as completed and then mark it as incomplete.

Is this problem due to something I have set up incorrectly or is it a bug?

Many thanks.

Using COUNT formula ( internally leveraged for Rollup computation ) may have this undesired effect as it does not consider unset cells, hence counts only explicit FALSE values only.

As a workaround, you can define a separate new column of type: Column Formula , which will have an explicit value for each adjacent Checkbox column cell whether TRUE, FALSE OR UNSET. Then use this column formula for Rollups.


P.S: You can choose to hide this redundant column as it serves only to assist in Rollup computations.

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That worked perfectly, thanks so much.

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