CountIf function across sheets

If I have a list of items in one sheet’s primary field, and want to count each time that item appears in another sheet, how would I do that across sheets? Would I use Related Rows?

Yes, there are two possible solutions here.

  • We can model this as a relationship between Item’s sheet and the other sheet where items are referenced. Then define a Rollup field over this relationship to count no. of relationships each Item is part of. This will work across sheets and even across workbooks.

  • Alternatively, if both the sheets are in the same workbook, we can also use an aggregate formula like COUNTIFS / COUNTIF to count the no. of times each Item is referenced in another sheet.

Note: If modelling as a many to many relationship, you may also consider Junction Tables. More details here: Creating Junction Tables with Related Rows

Where do I find the help article to explain linking across sheets and workbooks, the correct terminology to use in the formulas, etc?

@Richard_Cross this is the root page where you can search for specific help articles by topic.

Additionally, few topics relevant to this thread:

Also, Formulas have similar conventional syntax and behavior as you see in traditional spreadsheets like Excel, Google Sheets. That is, no additional learning overhead involved when working with formulas in