Message notification by view permissions

We have a master workbook which is basically used to track the status of grants for 15-20 clients. The permissions for all of the views in this workbook are ‘private’.

A handful of our clients like to have access to their info. so they can view their grant status at any time. For these clients, we have had them create a account and then given them access to views, which we have created, of only their data.

We also have our own additional account which we use to verify/double check that the permissions we are giving the clients are only allowing them access to their specific data.

What we recently noticed is that our additional account (and, we assume, the clients) receives email notifications when messages are posted in either records (rows) or cells to which the additional account/client’s don’t have viewing permission/access, i.e., other client’s data. Interestingly, in the email notification, when you select ‘reply’, ‘react’, or ‘view comment’, the link doesn’t take you to the record/cell with the message, but to a view for which you have the appropriate permission.

Needless to say, this limits the utility of the messages we can post to specific clients if all of the clients can see every message that is posted.

Are we missing something? Is there a way to configure/send notifications so client’s receive emails only from messages in records/rows/cells that the client has permission to view?

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Hi @Michael_Reynolds, Thank you for raising this. You aren’t missing anything, right now all users who have access to a workbook receive email notifications when a message is attached to a cell or a row.

We are working on V2 of our Notifications feature, which will include a way to disable this and allow only users who are @mentioned in a cell or row to receive these notifications, and also ways to “unfollow” workbooks.

We expect this to be coming within the next few months. Thanks for your patience.

Cleaning up the notifications is critical, in my opinion. I, too, am experiencing the same dilemma.

In addition to what @Michael_Reynolds has listed above, I’m also eager to hear if the displayed data within the email notification will be given any transformation. At the moment, they all look like they are coming from a employee/domain.

Notifications should be managed at the admin level and further managed at the user level if they want to tone things down a bit.

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