Inviting users for a view

  1. I have a workbook with a worksheet, a large project that supports 8 different views.
  2. Each view represents a subset of tasks from the larger project.
  3. I’d like to invite people to individual views.
  4. But want to keep the larger project and other views private. I only want them to view the sheet representing the tasks they are working on.
  5. Unless I’m overlooking something, do not see a way to do this by inviting people to a view or even to a single sheet.
  6. As work around:
    If I were to make all views private,
    could I invite a person for a single view,
    Being restricted from all other views.
    Thus maintaining confidentiality for the other views.

Do you think that would work?

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Hi Martin,

This is a great workflow and use case for using (Private Views). Since the users would only have access to the Views that you have invited them to and if they are an “Editor” they cannot adjust any of the “Filters, Sorts, etc” then they can only edit the rows in their view.

Let us know how this works for your team!


Thanks Thomas, I try it.

So I’m OK with setting views private but the users are not actually Spreadsheet users at the moment. Can you outline the steps to acquire them as

  1. Spreadsheet users.
  2. And then inviting them to the specific view.
  3. Do I do this at the Workbook level or do I invite from each view via permissions.

I’ve looked at user guide and not much help there. In any case, not exactly clear on how to proceed. A few screen snips with a comment or two should get me thru it.


Hi Martin,

Happy to help with this and I’m including a short “Loom Video” to walk you through this.

Help Documentation

  • Video Walkthrough (here)
  • View Permissions (here)
  • Sharing and Collaborating (here)

Please let me know if there are additional questions on this Martin.