Insert row breaks related row?

I’m still figuring things out on here. I’ve run into adding rows, either by inserting between or at the bottom of the page, it breaking my related rows. It hasn’t happened every time, if I insert between it breaks or if I adjust the number of rows to add at the bottom from the default it breaks, but when I just used the default 100 new rows it seems that nothing broke. Is this me or just some oddity in

This does look like a bug - but we are unable to reproduce it. Certainly unexpected behaviour. I believe Support has reached out to you. Please share the workbook with them - we’ll take a look.

Hi Zac,

It’s nice to virtually meet you and thank you for reaching out! My name is Thomas and I lead Customer Success here at

I’ve just reached out to you for more details via email but please let me know if you did not receive anything on your end. If you haven’t could you please reach out to “” so we can sync up on steps for us to diagnose this issue?

Looking forward to connecting with you soon Zac!

Thomas Van Steyn

Thanks, I’ve responded to set this up.

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