In-cell Bar Charts Using the REPT Function

This section of the forum needed a post, so here’s a trick. You can create in-cell bar charts using the REPT function, like this:



or for more robustness, where B6 is the cell containing the number:


You can change the color of the bar by changing the font color.

This type of chart (if using dots) would be called a dot plot, so the length of the bar is discrete rather than continuous, but if you are okay with that, you can scale the chart to a length of up to 10 characters by rounding, like this:


Almost as good as in-cell data bars, but it requires two columns. Still, this lets you use any unicode character you want (instead of the block character).


This is so cool :star_struck:

A template is now included in the gallery titled “Pros and Cons with Tornado Chart” which demonstrates the use of this technique and the formulas.


Here is another application of the in-cell bar chart, used for a progress bar in a column separate from the % column.

The formula in the Progress column (implemented as a Column Formula data type) may be difficult to see in the screenshot. The formula is =REPT(“█”,ROUND(E*10,0)) where column E is the % column.

This template can be accessed from the following page under the template titled “Task Checklist Template”:

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