Stacked column chart from multiple columns

Hey - self pronounced “data dummy” here, wondering if there is any easy way to accomplish a stacked bar graph for my needs.

I want to take the count of all of the items in one column, and further break them down by the values in another column.

Here’s a reference of the screen:

In this instance, I want to show 3 columns that represent the number of items in the Priority column (3 values: High Priority, Fast Follow and Larger Lift) and then each of those columns broken down into stacks that display the number of items in the Improvement effort column (Low, Medium and High).

It should in turn, look something like this:
Example Chart

Is this doable with the way I have the data? Anything I’m missing?

I think you will have to build a summary table out of your data and chart against it.

Each data cell in the summary table will look like this :

This one for eg counts the High Effort & High Priority cells for each data column and sums them.

=COUNTIFS($H:$H,“High Effort”,$G:$G,“High Priority”) + COUNTIFS($I:$I,“High Effort”,$G:$G,“High Priority”)

This is probably a straightforward case for a pivot table - a roadmap item for us. No ETA yet.