Import data via CSV into existing worksheets

I’m having difficulty importing data into existing worksheet, and using the Merge Matching Rows option.
Seems like whatever options I pick, it will always duplicate my imports:

It’s not merging my data.

Thanks in advance.
Let me know if you need more information.
talk soon.

@benjamin_gunter - It will merge data for matching rows only if you uncheck “Skip import …” - Else it will skip the import of those rows

Yes - please provide more info if you can.

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nope, that’s not it:

no matter what i do, it keeps appending the imported data to the bottom.
I’ve tried using different Merge matching rows.
I’ve checked / unchecked skip the import of those rows
I’ve deleted the data and started with a fresh import

I find the Column Mapping to be very strict as well. My CSV import columns don’t exactly match my sheet. I had to rearrange my sheet to better match my CSV file.
When I was first using it, I couldn’t get the mappings to work correctly. If there was a column in my CSV file that I didn’t want to map in my sheet, I had to offset it to get it to match.

and other ideas?
if i have time this week, i’ll create a test sheet that i will try with fewer columns to test, and if i have the same results, i can share that base with you.

@benjamin_gunter We are discussing the behavior of column mappings and we will get back to you if we need further info.

Yes, if possible, please share a test sheet with a test CSV file for the merge issue, that would be helpful.

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i’m ready. i created a very simple CSV file.

I also tested it, and getting the same results - just keeps appending the same records
Here’s the link to my spreadsheet -

Here’s the link to my CSV file - spreadsheet_com_test.csv - Google Drive

please let me know if you need any additional information.
talk soon.

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Hi @benjamin_gunter ,

The above issue is addressed with the latest release.
Please revert, if you are still seeing an issue.