How do you find a specific record?

I have 300+ contacts, some of which I connect to tasks. Occasionally I need to find a specific contact but can only remember a portion of the name. The global search in SS seems limited to folder names, list names, etc, and does not search individual records. Is there any work around for my need?



Correct, global search currently searches for documents (workbooks, reports, and dashboards) by name as well as worksheets and Views within them. It does not yet allow searching within worksheet data.

Thanks again for your help. Unfortunately I rely on search to find individual records. Hard to imagine how I’d locate records without it. But I really think the app is got a lot going for it. Is an expanded search on the road map, or probably low priority due to the speed limit it would create?

This is something we are considering for the future but no ETA at this time.

Ok, thanks for the reply.