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Hi. I’m new to . I have a large number of images that I would like to use in an asset management view. The image filenames match other data fields associated with each item. I would like to add images based on a query or formula. I’ve mocked up an example below. Is this possible today in

Welcome @glenn_perry

Yes, you can write conventional LOOKUP formulas to match & fetch Attachment cells within a sheet or even across sheets in a workbook.

Given below is a basic example exhibiting the same:

Additionally, can also define Lookup fields over a Relationship to fetch Attachment fields on a related row. For more details, please refer:

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Thank you. It’s great to see that xlookup is supported. From your example and the links provided, I don’t see how attachments are fetched from a file system (or auto-imported into a sheet, table, etc). Can you point me in the right direction?

As of today, we do not support auto-importing attachments.

Attachments need to be explicitly added to worksheets in SSDC via file-upload/forms. Please refer: Attachment Data Type

Once seeded into a sheet, this can be leveraged across user workspace by defining relationships and pulling attachment cells into other related sheets via Lookup.

Thanks. So does mean, if I have 10000 images to load, I need to upload them via copy / paste each item or is there a way to drag / paste such that each image populates one cell?

Given the usecase to provision images in bulk, REST API will be the better option. This is something we are actively working on and provisionally targeted for Q3 this year.

For now individual file uploads for each unique file is warranted.

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