VLOOKUP and SUMIF from other workbook sheets

Hi Team, would like to know is it possible to vlookup from other sheets of another workbook? or is there any option?

In an use case of Invoicing, I would like to bring the client details automatically from Client sheet of another workbook.

Similarly, I would like to do sumif from a sheet of another workbook to show total sales / stock etc.

Hi @Chandrasekhar_D ,

As of today it is NOT possible to write formulas with cross-workbook references. However, given your requirement will request you to explore Relationship fields & Lookup/Rollup fields in SSDC.

More details in this thread

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Thanks for the update msiraj.
I gave a reference of another cell and made that column as related row, rest of the Relationship fields are not getting reflected based on the value.
Eg: Workbook1 / Sheet1 (Invoice Sheet) = I have made cell C7 as related field from client table. We can select relevant customers based on client table.
Workbook1 / Sheet2 = Column B is Related field of client and column C to E, I have given related field look ups. Reference data is extracted correctly if I select particular client name in column B.
Now, I have changed Column B to [=Invoice!C7] to refer to client name n Workbook1 / Sheet1 (Invoice Sheet). But related fields are fetched even the client name is appearing.

Is this something workable?


Fetching lookup fields over a formula-computed relationship field is NOT supported as of today.

If usecase is to restrict the relationship rows ( i.e. Client rows ) that can be possibly set for a relationship field-value ( column B) in Sheet2, then as part of column B configuration you can select a particular Client worksheet-view which has the necessary filter/sort criteria set.

More details here: Filter and Sort Related Row Selectors by View