Formula help text doesn't come up

I have imported data from an Excel file, assigned a row as the header row, and am trying to use formulas in the header region. My understanding is that, even if datatypes are set in the row headers, the header region above the records should accept formulas. However, when I type a formula, no helper text pops-up and I can’t select a range with my mouse or arrow keys. If I type the entire formula in, it returns a result, but it feels like it isn’t being recognized as a formula until after I hit the enter key. I have shared the spreadsheet with Matt if that helps. Here is a short video.

The issue is unrelated to the row header settings. In certain scenarios the formula helper is inactive and we are tracking this as defect #000779.
As a workaround, please reload the page.

Hope this helps!!


We have fixed this issue in a recent upgrade.

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