Date changes when entered through the form


I’m sure I overlooked the answer in the community, but I can’t figure out the issue with the answer to other problems.

I created a form to enter information into a sheet. I have a date column formatted mm-dd-yyyy. When I enter the date, say 01/13/2023, when I hit enter the date changes to the current date, 04/19/2023. I tried to tab out of the field, but that erases the date I entered. So, when the date changes, I can’t delete it or change it. I’m forced to use the calendar to choose the correct date.



Here is the settings:


I have used this form dozens of time and never encountered this issue. :open_mouth:

Hi Angela,

Thank you for highlighting this and I think I was able to replicate the issue you’ve described. This seems to only be happening when I enter 01/13/2023 but the column “Date” format is set to MM-DD-YYYY.

This is something we should still fix from our end but could you please try entering that same date with the “Dashes” instead of the “Backslash”?

Just want to confirm that this is the issue and not something else I may have overlooked.

Thomas Van Steyn
Customer Success Manager

Hi Thomas,

You are correct. I didn’t pay attention to that detail. Honestly, I thought the format was to show mm/dd/yyyy, and not specifically mm-dd-yyyy. :smile: