Default date format

Hi, is there somewhere I can change the default date format to DD/MM/YYY?

Hi Mike,

Can you help us understand where you would want the format change applied? For example, in SSDC, we can change formats on a date-cell from the data-type dialog at column/cell.

OR, are you referring to how an input in an automatic cell is treated? Inputs in automatic cells are auto-inferred as date’s based on the workspace locale (which is set at the time of creation based on the browser locale). At this point, we don’t have a mechanism to change the locale.

Let me know if my answer helped clarify your query.


Hi Manooj

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s the automatic - default - format that I’m trying to control.
However, your answer prompted me to look for the setting on the browser side (Google Chrome in my case) and I see that, even there, it’s still difficult to manage - with many people complaining! :slight_smile:

I’m now able to change it through the Data Type at the column level, and it’s working for me.

Many thanks

Thanks for confirming Mike. We do plan to let users configure workbook locale, in which case, it would be effective across all locale dependent functions such as the automatic - default -format etc.