Convert a Date into string

Hi, I have a Date column and would like to use the date value in a calculated column, to build a sentence: Date Column: B (04/12/2022)
Calculated Column: C (B&" "&C)
Title Column: D (Blue)

gives me "44663 Blue, instead of 04/12/2022 Blue

can’t seem to find the right function to convert this. Thanks !?!

Welcome to the SSDC community @oliver_scholl

For Calculated Column - C, use the following formula function:
TRIM(B) & " " & D

More details:
Date being a number type will return a numeric value when used as an operand/argument in a formula expression. To work with Date’s formatted-value we should use a text category function like TRIM, UPPER ,TEXT etc.

Note with TEXT function we can also change the format of Date in the sentence.
Eg: TEXT(B,“dd mmm yyyy)”&" - "&D will result in 12 Jun 2022 - Blue

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Thank you @msiraj , perfect!