Locale for automatic data type?

Hi, does the automatic data type default to locale English (United States) and can this be overridden at a workspace or account level? Specifically around date or date-time format.

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, at the moment, any date input into an automatic cell is resolved as month-first. We plan to fix this soon by taking into consideration the workbook’s locale. We are tracking this as Issue #3519.

Every workbook has a locale & timezone set. These are picked up from the user’s browser when the workbook is created. A UI where the user can further change these is part of our roadmap.

We have fixed the aforementioned issue as part of the latest update.

I have navigator.language “en-AU”, browser Edge or Chrome . I created a new workspace, and new worksheet, entered the following dates, expecting the first two to be reformatted, and the last to be left unchanged.
12/13/2005 - Result: unchanged. Displayed as text. Expected 13/12/2005
01/30/2005 - Result: unchanged. Displayed as text. Expected 30/01/2005
13/12/2005 - Result: As expected. .
Are the above the expected output from Issue #3519? No problem if it is.

Hello - we’ll re-open it. I believe the fix only went in for de-De & fr-Fr locales. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ah Sorry! And Sorry @Manooj_Murali - This is working as expected!
en-AU behaves more or less like en-GB :

12/13/2005 → It treats it as an unparse-able date and as plain text.
01/30/2005 → It treats 12/13/2005 as an unparse-able date and as plain text.
13/12/2005 → It treats it as a Date.

On a en-US sheet, it will treat 12/13/2005 and 01/30/2005 as proper dates and 13/12/2005 as plain text.

This is on par with how other online/standard spreadsheets deal with date parsing - They stick to Locale native month-date order to avoid confusion and enforce some decorum I guess.