Bring in field pre-enter parameters in the form

Can I pass in field default parameters through the URL of the FORM?

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I agree that this would be particularly useful. I tried it last week and noticed that it didn’t work.
In our case, we have a worksheet with the list of participants to the events we organize (at least once a week), and we want to be able to share a form for each event so that people can register to it. We don’t want the users to select the event, and it won’t be handy to create plenty of forms withh hidden values for each event. A good solution would be for us to pass specific (hidden) fields as parameters

Yes, it would be great t. Hope to be included in the update process.

@ulysseschiu @Francois_Birot - Apologies for the delay - Yes this is something we are considering in our short-medium roadmap. Will update this space when this is rolled out.

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