Inserting hidden columns

In a sheet I have a master view which has 10 columns unhidden for the Admin User. I have 10 Normal Users, each of which has data in its own column in that sheet. Each Normal User has its own view of the sheet, which entitles it to only see its own column - all the other Users’ columns are hidden from it. This works OK, but if I have to create a new user I need to create a new column in the sheet, create an 11th view of the sheet, and then manually ‘hide’ that column in each of the other 10 Normal Users’ views. Is there instead a way to insert a column which is hidden when inserted? If so, I would only need to make that column unhidden on the new, 11th user’s view (and the Admin User’s view).

Hi @Mike_Hudson, Another good suggestion (allowing hidden by default when inserted). This is not currently possible in We’ll keep it in mind for the future.