Noob here, reusable proposals and invoicing possible?

New user here, I’m looking for an application that I can create proposals and invoicing for my remodeling business. What I would like to be able to do is create a proposal or invoice that has a header where I can include my logo address and so forth with an editable box for the customer’s info, then an editable project description box then below that an area where I could have say three columns first column being a line item or category. Second column being a description, and the third column being a dollar amount, with the third column adding up the sums to give a total dollar amount. For the line items a description is there a way to save them? What I am most interested in is creating a library of line items and descriptions, so that every time I add one it saves it to that column library so that next time I can easily click and add the same line item/category and description. For example, when I select the first line item, and click the first column category I can input “electrical” then in the second column description box I could input “replace existing outlet or switch” in the third column I can insert my dollar amount moving on to the
Item when I click the category box I could then reset electrical or any other category wording I’ve already saved and so on. Under that section I like a few non-editable boiler plate sections or paragraphs where I just spell out the same contractual guarantees and whatnot?

Is this possible to do within spreadsheet?

Could anyone point out a good tutorial or a place where I should start?

I greatly appreciate any help or feedback!

Thank you for your time,