Migrating from Spreadsheet.com to Retable

Dear Spreadsheet.com community,

We understand that the news of Spreadsheet .com’s retirement may have raised concerns among the users, and we’re here to help with a smooth transition.

As the CEO of Retable, a platform with similar (but not the same) capabilities, we recognize the importance of continuity for your workflows.

Therefore we’re working on a migration tool that will help SS community move easily. Also, we’d like to actively help those who want to migrate from SS to Retable.

We are also prioritizing our roadmap to make sure SS users will experience a smooth transition as well.

Here are our current thoughts and plans on this matter: How to Migrate from Spreadsheet.com to Retable

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email at gorkem at Retable directly - I would be more than happy to help with your use case.

Hello Gorkem,
Thank you for the information. I was hoping to explore the physical interface of Retable, but it appears that the trial version only lasts for 30 days and has limited features. This seems unfair to prospective users as it doesn’t give them enough time to fully understand and evaluate the platform. As someone who is looking for an alternative to Spreadsheet.com, I believe the trial period should offer sufficient incentives, such as a perfect discount, to encourage users to test the platform and make an informed decision. It is also important that trial users are not restricted from using key features such as adding users, logos, changing themes, and other functions. Can this be addressed to better meet the needs of trial users?

Thanks Andy. This is what we have discussed today as well with Almira as well. We are going to make a few changes very soon:

  • The ability to add team members, so that prospective users can get an understanding of how the team structure works. In its current form, we (for some reason) don’t allow adding more users to your team, this hinders the ability of the platform. This also will apply to logos/themes etc.

  • Very shortly we’ll allow users to use Retable fully functional during the 30-day time frame so that they can experience all features without any limitations. After 30 days, users will be able to use Retable without payment, but with limited features.

Thanks again for bringing this up, really appreciate seeing such helpful insights.

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