Email about discontinuation

I got an email from about the discontinuation of the platform. Is there any other platform available for recommendation?

I just want to say how sad I am about this announcement. I love, and I’m going to miss is so much.

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Thank you for the kind words @Erica_Warhaftig

@Andy_Bropleh_Jallah, SmartSuite is offering a promotion for customers to move to their service. More details here:
Migration offer from SmartSuite

I haven’t received any messages about this
When will the service be stopped?
Where can I find relevant information?

May 31st, 2024. Details here:

I’m also incredibly sad to see go, I can’t believe such a great and innovative product doesn’t have a future!
We’re still using the tool a lot within our non-profit organization (5 licensed users) and will continue to do so until end of May. @matt, it is safe that we can use all functionalities until May 31st, right? We’re REALLY dependent on this tool and migration will only be possible 2nd half of May, so just double-checking.

Hi Urs, Yes we are sad as well. May 31st is the final date of service.

Hi Mat, I’m really a fan of spreadsheet.there’s no other no-/low-code tool which has only approximately the capabilities of spreadsheet ! - What happens with the source-code of ? - Is there the opportunity for an opensource-campaign ? kind regards René

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