Keyboard Shortcuts

SSDC already works with many keyboard shortcuts and that’s great. I just wanted to start a thread specifically for listing the keyboard shortcuts that I miss. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you use them until they aren’t available, so this post is a list of the shortcuts I’m currently missing:

#1: F4 - Toggle a reference between A1, $A$1, A$1, $A1

#2: Ctrl+D - Copy the cell(s) above. If you have multiple cells/rows selected, copies the first selected cell/row to fill current selection. I use Ctrl+D a lot, but in a chrome browser that bookmarks the page, so I’ve been bookmarking the page a lot instead.

#3: SHIFT+Spacebar - Select the current row or group of rows.

#4: CTRL+Arrow - Move to the edge of the current region in the direction of the arrow. In combination with SHIFT+CTRL+Arrow to extend the selection. Would like this to work with row selection as well.

#5: CTRL+SHIFT+` (tilde) - For converting the format (data type) to Automatic. This converts the number format to “General” in Excel and GS.


#1 - F4 while editing formulas is under development

#2, #3, #4 : Thanks for the feedback, we’ll add to TODO


Is there a shortcut key to validate the rich text cells ? If not, please add it to the todo list with high priority !


@Dimitri_G - Not sure I understand what ‘validate rich text’ means. Could you elaborate please?

The shortcut has to have the same behavior than ENTER on text fields.

Got it - you can TAB out. I wonder is Alt+Enter should be the equivalent of Enter in Text/Automatic fields

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Thank you for TAB :slight_smile:
ALT + ENTER should be very good because SHIFT+ENTER is already used for new lines in Text fields.

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After a bit of reflection, I think the behavior of the RichText should be aligned on the behavior of Text cells. ENTER should validate and SHIFT+ENTER to input line returns.

Maybe a special mode with a big modal window would be a good idea ; in this mode, ENTER would be used for line returns and there would be two buttons OK and Cancel (with window-style shortcuts) to exit.

I agree. Both Alt+Enter and Shift+Enter are popular keyboard shortcuts and probably should retain their universally expected behaviours.

I’m thinking of Ctrl+Enter as a possible candidate.

I like this thread of keyboard shortcuts that we are used to using in spreadsheets. These would be helpful for me:
Alt-f to access the File menu and the same idea for Edit, View, Insert and Format. Then being able to arrow or first-letter through those menus WOULD COVER ALMOST ALL KEYBOARD SHORTCUT DESIRES.
Otherwise shortcuts for indent, outdent, new row, delete row, etc. would be very helpful.
Thx for considering.

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@Eric_Thompson - Thanks - this is useful feedback.
Making Alt + F accessible is a TODO for us. You are spot on in that, from there one could travel left, right to any menu item. And also use hotkeys.

We are also experimenting internally on a “keyboard shortcut gateway” - that is an entry point into most frequently used operations (including but not limited to new row, delete row, in/outdent… ) . We see similar patterns in some productivity software platforms.

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Hi Murali,
Great, and YES to new row. That’s my most often slow right-click drag. Cntl-y for another new row would be great too. EVEN BETTER of course is dragging rows, but I know you guys know that.

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Thank you @Eric_Thompson. Indeed, and ability to drag rows is scheduled to be released this coming weekend. Stay tuned for a feature announcement about this.

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@Vertex42 - This is embarrassing. This took “a while” - Any way - Ctrl D is live on production. There is more urgency & focus on our side now on keyboard shortcuts.


Excellent. Ctrl+D works perfectly so far.


Some more suggestions:
Ctrl + ; to insert the current date (one of my most used)
Ctrl + : to insert the current time
[something] to show all keyboard shortcuts (Google Sheets uses Ctrl + /)

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Alt + up/down or left/right arrow to move between sheets (or any other key combo)
Maybe even Alt + [1:9] to jump to a sheet

Alt + [something] is also commonly used in Windows apps for various toolbar menus or button selection, so probably want to keep that in mind if you’ll be keeping the same hotkeys when the desktop app comes out. I know Google Sheets uses Alt + up/down, but they don’t have to worry about desktop, and Excel uses Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn, but that doesn’t work as well in browsers…