Keyboard Shortcuts

SSDC already works with many keyboard shortcuts and that’s great. I just wanted to start a thread specifically for listing the keyboard shortcuts that I miss. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you use them until they aren’t available, so this post is a list of the shortcuts I’m currently missing:

#1: F4 - Toggle a reference between A1, $A$1, A$1, $A1

#2: Ctrl+D - Copy the cell(s) above. If you have multiple cells/rows selected, copies the first selected cell/row to fill current selection. I use Ctrl+D a lot, but in a chrome browser that bookmarks the page, so I’ve been bookmarking the page a lot instead.

#3: SHIFT+Spacebar - Select the current row or group of rows.

#4: CTRL+Arrow - Move to the edge of the current region in the direction of the arrow. In combination with SHIFT+CTRL+Arrow to extend the selection. Would like this to work with row selection as well.

#5: CTRL+SHIFT+` (tilde) - For converting the format (data type) to Automatic. This converts the number format to “General” in Excel and GS.

#1 - F4 while editing formulas is under development

#2, #3, #4 : Thanks for the feedback, we’ll add to TODO