A Few Usability Flaws

Hi I continue to use Smartsheet because of a few usability flaws/limitations in Spreadsheet.com. I list these not to be critical, but in hopes they will be added so I can jump in with both feet…

  1. Critical basic keyboard shortcuts, which greatly slow down productivity vs mouse use
    – Indent/Outdent Row
    – Insert new line above/below current row

  2. Maintain hierarchy level: when entering new items at the end of a hierarchy, the hierarchy level is not maintained, instead the new line defaults to top level.

  3. Nested Folders: If SSDC is to be used as a primary tool, one will have many many workbooks and folders. Nested folders are needed for basic organization.

  4. Move/copy sheets to other workbooks: Again needed for basic organizational use over time

  5. Hierarchy row (or 1st column) formatting: Ability to set format, eg Bold/Underline/Color of rows based on heirarchy level. This is basic Chapter/Headline/Body text formatting.

  6. Expand/Collapse all rows based on hierarchy level, eg collapse all rows at level 3 or below.

  7. Saved Filters/Groupings: It is very tedious to have to recreate all filters when switching from filter to filter. Please add an on/off box on filter lines so criteria can be selected/deselected quickly. Ditto with Grouping

The above would make the program so much faster to use. I hope these will be implemented so I can bring my company onboard.



Excellent list! - and thank you for the feedback


These items continue to stop us from switching from Smartsheet to here. eg The lack of indent/outdent keyboard commands at least doubles the time required in making hierarchical lists

are these items expected or should we stop hoping and stay at SS?

IMO with a few basic fixes you would have the superior product.


No - this is top priority. We’ll be rollng these changes out in tranches over the next few weeks. Will be updating this space as they happen.

Thank you for your feedback!

And also WBS colum type - though that may be a few months out.

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hi Murali

That is great news. yes, please update this string as these features come on line.

you guys are great


Also, when creating dashboards, it would be nice if, for the aggregation type, we could write a custom formula, instead of being restricted to the few basic types. And/or being able to filter which data is included in those aggregations.

In my case, I’m trying to calculate a sum based on values in a dropdown column. This is currently pretty difficult to do

@Vance_Palacio - You can do complex computations and store that value in a cell in a Sheet. You can then point to that cell to be used for the Number widget.

Having said that, yes we hear your requirement.

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In the automation builder, the action “post to webhook”, it would be great if we could pass dynamic info based on the record on which the button was clicked into the webhook URL e.g. a recordId for the record that has been clicked

@Jamie_Kane , rowId is part of the outgoing HTTP POST body.

Curious to know why you would need it in the URL.

Spreadsheet.com API Documentation has a couple of sample POST data

For integration with make.com i.e. passing the rowId through a URL parameter on the end of the webhook, thanks!

@Jamie_Kane - Thanks. We are hearing more and more about make.com nowadays.