Integration with Word Press

How about Integration with WordPress? I would like to use as a database inside a website, feeding, connecting, collecting, and interacting with data via multiple interfaces depending on the type of user.

One interface for trainees to:

  • self-register for trainee access log-in and password,
  • submit program application
  • manage their program milestones,
  • upload reports and
  • pick Internship placements
  • enter and track internship hours

Second interface for supervisors to:

  • self-register for supervisor’s access log-in and password
  • track trainee status in the program
  • access their trainee and trainee-entered information and uploaded trainee reports
  • access information entered by placement institutions for each of the supervised trainees
  • approve trainee applications
  • request funding from program admin
  • uploaded reports
  • input notes, comments, and evaluations

Third Interface for partners/placement institutions to:

  • self-register for partner access log-in and password
  • enter placement-related information, addresses, contacts
  • enter and dates and time, frequency and durations, description of each available placement position
  • approve placement hours entered by trainee
  • submit evaluation of the trainee.

Fourth Interface for Admin with access to:

  • view all of the above (trainee, supervisor and partner data)
  • interact with and correct records

I see so many possibilities with this kind of integration, I just don’t know if something like that is even possible?


Welcome @Magdalena_Sztajnmec !

Thank you for taking the time to write this up. While we don’t have a Wordpress integration currently planned, we do plan to allow you to use as a backend to websites and custom apps as you suggest. Initially programmatically via our forthcoming API, and more via integrations in the future. We’ll keep you posted in the community and our email updates as things progress.

This is great to hear. Thank you for replying