Integrating Google Keyword Planner with for a Powerful SEO Meta Description Generator

Hello everyone,

I have recently been working on a project to build a SEO meta description generator that integrates OpenAI and Google Ads Keyword Planner. As part of this project, I am exploring the possibility of integrating Google Keyword Planner with Spreadsheet dot com.

My goal is to pass a link to the keyword planner in a cell and return 10 relevant keywords to another cell, which can then be monitored by OpenAI. OpenAI will then use those 10 keywords to generate a SEO description that has the potential to outrank other websites.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with integrating Google Keyword Planner with Spreadsheetdotcom or if they know of any tools or resources that might help me accomplish this.

I should clarify that I have already built a working spreadsheet that is capable of generating SEO descriptions. However, the current process requires me to manually pass product links to the Google Keyword Planner, wait for the results, copy and paste the relevant keywords back into the spreadsheet, and then complete the task.

This process is time-consuming and inefficient, which is why I am interested in exploring ways to automate the integration between Spreadsheetdotcom and Google Keyword Planner. If anyone has any suggestions or resources that could help me streamline this process, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you can provide. I look forward to hearing from the community!