How to add value of multi select drop down list

Let’s say I have drop list of 5 coloured balls and each colour has a value (for example green is 6 and red is 4)
Now lets say John has green and red, now the question is how to show score for John which would be 10.

Welcome to the community, @Nazmul_Bhuiyan

In SSDC, you can always write a formula for such computations.
Eg. =ARRAYFORMULA(SUM(VLOOKUP({SPLIT(B1,", ")},{"Red",1;"Green",2;"Blue",3},2)))

Also, sharing a sample workbook with reference implementation: Multi-Select field in formulas

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Thank you bro :blush:
I will try it and will let you know if it worked for me.
I tried with sum and vlookup, but it obviously didn’t work. What about with sumif and xlookup?
In Excel I could use filter function, is there something like filter in

We do not yet support FILTER function.