Highlight Duplicate Records

How one can highlight duplicate record?

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  1. You can use a column formula to flag the dupes as TRUE/FALSE

As for highlighting, we are very close to releasing our Conditional formatting feature - we should be rolling it out in a few weeks. - In Nov/21.

  1. With conditional formatting, you should be able to highlight all rows with Dup values. I’m including a screenshot from the feature which is in QA.




Hi Murali, thanks for above details to identify duplicates.
As next steps, is it possible to automatically to flag latest record i.e by comparing the ‘Updated at’ field?

This will help in retaining only one record and move the rest.

You can define another column formula, to flag only the latest row among duplicates & also all unique rows.


Thanks a lot msiraj. It helped me. I have used below logic to identify and move duplicates. IF(COUNTIF(A:A,A)>1,IF(MINIFS(K:K,A:A,A)=K,TRUE,NULL),NULL)

MINIFS to identify old record and MAXIFS to identify latest record.

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We are likely to introduce Formula based Rules (formula evaluates to TRUE) to do conditional formatting. That would avoid the need to make these intermediate result columns.

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