How to delete duplicates?

Hi, we have a list of data that has duplicate information in Column A. Now we want to remove the duplicates and just leave the word that has the highest number in column C and the lowest number in Column D but there are instances where column C or D maybe the same.

Please check the image below. So for the case of “Rose”, we just want to leave the first “Rose” with the highest number in column C and Lowest number in Column D and filter out the other “Rose” on the list.


  • First, to identify duplicates, you can consider the following solution. Define a column formula that marks each row with a boolean flag. TRUE indicating its uniqueness fulfilling a specific set of criteria, FALSE identifying it as a duplicate.


  • With conditional formatting you can also highlight such rows, leveraging the boolean flag on each such row.

  • You can also define a new view to only list the unique rows.

  • Similarly you can also define a view to only list duplicate rows which you can then review & cleanup in bulk.

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